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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Зов Припяти "S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat (v0.41) + Русификатор"

    [ · Скачать (243.85 Mb) ] 20.01.2010, 22:28
    Оригинальное описание [скрыть]
    Readme File:
    S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat - A Call Of Pripyat Modification

    Requirements: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat
    Current Release: S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat v0.41 -Alpha-
    Release Date: Dec 26th 09
    Mod Author: smrtphoneusr

    Complete list of changes:

    - added 18 places to sleep
    - added 65 hidden stashes (with new guns and items)
    - added more irradiated zones
    - added ~80 anomalies in Zaton
    - added 65 anomalies in Jupiter (they move after blowouts)
    - added 40 anomalies in Pripyat
    - added 2 new anomaly fields spawning random artifacts in Zaton
    - added 1 new anomaly field spawning random artifacts in Jupiter
    - added 4 new anomaly fields spawning random artifacts in Pripyat
    - added 2 Psi-Zones in Zaton
    - added 16 smart terrains in Zaton
    - added 13 smart terrains in Jupiter
    - added 6 smart terrains in Jupiter Underground
    - added 12 smart terrains in Pripyat
    - added 24 new Outfits and helmets (Outfit Mod)
    - added Zombies to the range of mutants
    - added Izloms to the range of mutants
    - added Cats to the range of mutants
    - added old strong boars to the range of mutants
    - added regular Levelchangers to all levels
    - added AK74u with dotsight (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added HK416 (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added HK417 Sniper (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added SR25 Sniper (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added Gewehr 43 (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added MP7a3 (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added Arctic Warfare (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added Sayga (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added AK74 with Dot Sight (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added Sig 551 (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added Sig 552 (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added Flamethrower
    - added M16 (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added FN FNC (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added G36k (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added G36c (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added G36e (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added Colt Xm177e2 (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added FN FAL (Modern Mod)
    - added P90 (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added Custom Sig 220 (Modern Mod)
    - added Custom Colt 1911 (Modern Mod)
    - added AK 47 (Modern Mod)
    - added Benelli M3 (Modern Mod)
    - added Spas 12 (Modern Mod)
    - added Walther P99 (Modern Mod)
    - added HK USP Match (Modern Mod)
    - added M4a1 (Modern Mod)
    - added XM8 (Modern Mod)
    - added XM177e2 Colt Commando (Arsenal Mod SoC)
    - added silencers and scopes (for arsenal weapons)
    - added nightvision to seva suit
    - added random trash and fireplaces
    - added dreams
    - added some scripted spawns (quest related)
    - added a toolbox for repairing weapons and armor
    - added a throwable flashlight (similar to signal rockets)
    - Jupiter Underground is now redoable
    - Cleaned up the HUD, made it smaller
    - NPC Counter removed
    - noise and visual indicators removed
    - smaller warning icons in HUD
    - removed 'slightly damaged' icons for weapons, suit and helmet
    - quick button indicators removed
    - increased amount of blood
    - new hit texture for monsters
    - traders buy heavier damaged goods
    - weight limit increased to 80kg
    - added teleporters (increases the size of the maps a little bit)
    - replaced the bolt with a throwing knife
    - allowed weapons in base
    - intro screens can now be skipped by a single press on Esc
    - changed a lot of the vanilla spawns, made them more versatile
    - reworked phantoms, poltergeists and psy dogs
    - tweaked some of the monster relations
    - increased the number of 'jobs' on some smart terrains
    - loading screen has been changed
    - new item "Caff-Pow" (extra strong engergy drink)
    - new item "Burn Protection"
    - new Weaponsounds
    - some vanilla weapons are a little stronger now
    - most new weapons are a little weaker now
    - new animation on low health (modified AMK script)
    - new animation when bleeding (modified AMK script)
    - possibility that the actor drops his weapon when badly hit (modified AMK script)
    - new weather
    - NPC, monsters and objects can be dragged
    - far less food/drugs/vodka/knifes/flashlights when looting
    - radiation is now really dangerous
    - psi radiation is now really dangerous
    - heat is now really dangerous
    - Grenade/hit Indicator removed
    - bandages only heal bleeding, no more health restore
    - AI will only loot nearby bodies and is more aggressive
    - added weapon descriptions (german/english)
    - game starts at night
    - monolith survive emissions. (messed up AI sometimes when they didn't)
    - Custom upgrades for Sniper Rifles
    - new toolkit for upgrading Sniper Rifles
    - custom assault rifle upgrades
    - custom submachine guns upgrades
    - new achievement: Sharpshooter
    - new achievement: Righteous Stalker
    - new ammo .300 Lapua Magnum (AWM)
    - new ammo 5.7x28mm (P90)
    - new ammo 4.6x30mm (MP7)
    - 7 different Acog Scopes with different reticles
    - changed textures on almost all vanilla weapons
    - Upgrades are more expensive
    - added new sprint animations to some weapons (animations by Gosuke)
    - blowouts can be survived in the open when equipped with enough medkits
    - mutant bodies get removed every 12 hours


    This mod includes meshes and textures from the (Kevlar) Outfit Mod by Ricochet.
    Some Weapon meshes, sounds and textures from the Modern Mod Alpha by Nemesis7773 and his Team were used.
    Some Weapon meshes and textures from the Arsenal Mod for ShoC by Dester and Zereset were used.
    Some (hud and effect related) Scripts from AMK Team were modified and used.
    Additional textures by Gnomus, teh Snake and Millenia were also used.
    The russian to english translation was done by Tagaziel.
    Last but not least, GSC for making a great game!


    - Make sure you don't already have a gamedata folder in your Stalker CoP main directory. If you do, delete or rename it.
    - Copy or move the gamedata folder from this mod to your Stalker CoP main dir.
    - if you haven't played a Mod before, open fsgame.ltx with notepad and change the line "$game_data$ = false| true|" to "$game_data$ = true| true|"
    - Start the game. A new game is required for the mod to work.


    - This mod is NOT compatible with other mods except from the Panoramic Mod by Argus. (if you want panoramic mod in place, install this mod first)




    Русификатор (Скачать ЗДЕСЬ)

    По просьбам игроков перевод мода "S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat (v0.41)".
    переведено не всё(стволы примерно90%), ну может ещё чтото помелочи,т.к
    переводить дальше времени нет.

    Установка: скопировать папку rus в
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Зов Припяти\gamedata\configs\text
    и согласится с заменой файлов



    Скачать файл

    (243.85 Mb)

    Категория: Моды | Добавил: Призрак | Теги: бесплатно, мод, скачать, S.M.R.T.E.R., Русификатор
    Просмотров: 3258 | Комментарии: 1 | Рейтинг: 0.0/0
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    Всего комментариев: 1
    +2   Спам
    1 bearst3485   (20.02.2010 22:01)
    МОд очень ничего, глобальных изменений нет но они имхо и не нужны, затосложнее крошить врагов, улучшен баланс оружия много новых моделей оружия, единственноое периодически вылетает, твердая 4


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